About Us

We are a philanthropic organization in Wichita, Kansas that produces three shows per year. Through our 100+ members we raise at least $100,000 per show. After the donor celebration and entertainment expenses, we donate usually $65,000 to $75,000 per show to local charities.

Mission Statement

To provide unique and entertaining events for our membership, while raising funds to support local non-profit organizations and causes in the Wichita area.

Overview of Grumpy Old Men

Each member must write a check and donate a set amount for each show. The group usually holds three shows a year: in the spring/summer, fall, and a holiday event at the end of the year.  As the primary goal of our membership is funding charity, members send a check whether they can attend or not.  The remaining money after paying the entertainer and production costs goes to various charities.  Many local non-profit organizations have benefited including: the Kansas Food Bank, GraceMed, Wichita Children’s Theater, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Alzheimer’s Association

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Membership is by private invitation consisting of premier community, business, and professional leaders in Wichita, Kansas.  The group’s members enjoy a cocktail party and dinner along with each performance.

The History of the Grumpy Old Men and Charley Stark, Founder. 

“Charley Stark and some friends were sitting around the Candle Club one night in late 2007 when the idea took form. Legendary cabaret singer Marilyn Maye was on stage and a few beverages were flowing at the private club, a still-thriving bastion of old Wichita.

‘Somebody said this is so much fun – why don’t we do this more often?” Stark remembers. “Being the ham I am, I said I’ll do it.’

By do it, Stark meant organize a group whose members would pool their money to bring entertainers to town who might not otherwise appear here.” - Joe Stumpe, the Wichita Eagle, October 20, 2013

“We lost out Chief Grump in March of 2017,” said Doug Stark, son, “but we are committed to celebrating his legacy through the continued success and thoughtful giving of this special group of grumpy old men (and women).”